We, the professionals. We, the bastard artists. We, the dreamers, the bearers of the power-codes. We, the manufacturers of golems, the moulders of reality. We the distillers of the magic potion. We who awoken the Superdragon. We the guardians of the Juice Of the Industry. We swear. To distill. Redirect. To create.

Nosotros, los profesionales. Nosotros, los artistas bastardos. Nosotros los imaginadores, los portadores de los códigos de poder. Nosotros, los fabricantes de golems, los moldeadores de la realidad. Nosotros los destiladores del brebaje mágico. Nosotros que despertamos al Superdragon. Nosotros los guardianes del Jugo de la Industria. Nosotros juramos. Destilar. Redireccionar. Crear.



“Inaki Miranda’s artwork and layouts are a standout; from its sweeping landscapes to its hectic action sequences, it continually conveys a sense of epic adventure.”

Publishers Weekly

“Character design, environments and storytelling are amazing… Inaki Miranda’s work reminds me of Frank Quitely meets Katsuhiro Otomo meets Taiyo Matsumoto.”

Forces of Geek

“I wondered, aloud possibly, who the hell is Inaki Miranda and how do people not know who he is?”

Alex Tse Writer of Watchmen

“Inaki draws with a widescreen vision that jumps off the page.”

Paul Pope Batman: Year 100, Battling Boy

“The widescreen enormity of Inaki’s art pulls you in and pushes you forward. Effortless line and strong storytelling. I want to see more.”

John CassadayStar Wars, Astonishing X-Men

“Inaki Miranda ventures into the mainstream comics world with an unswerving instinct for his own trajectory as an artist.”

Bleeding Cool

“Miranda’s use of the masking effect puts him on the same footing (albeit in a markedly different arena) as writers like Hunter Thompson or Michael Herr.”